Welcome to the Eastside School Supplies online ordering website for San Sisto College,  St Oliver Plunkett Catholic Primary ,St Bernards Catholic Primary .

You can also order reuseable school book covers here. These are Got it Covered brand quality covers.

For Belmont State School and Villanova College please see below


Please place your order as per the dates listed on your School booklist.  The book packs that Burstall Ave News supply are the items that your School/College has specifically reqested for your child's school usage. Items such as Text Workbooks specific to your list are not available at many stationery suppliers.  

The prices quoted are a packed price -


FOR San Sisto College- the option for Home Delivery orders , there are two delivery dates, for delivery 3 December 2016 must be placed and paid for by 04 November 2016 and for delivery 14 January2017 orders MUST be placed and paid for by 16 December 2016  to ensure bookpacks are delivered on advised date.


Pick Up orders may be prepaid by credit card if you wish Phone Burstall Ave News 38903323 or payment at time of Collection. 

Please be aware that there is a restocking fee of $5 for text books that have been ordered and packed, then returned, to cover our costs.  This is in our FAQ page.

 All School/College orders to be collected at Burstall Ave News should be placed by 16 December 2016 (payable on collection).  Orders placed after 16 December 2016 WILL attract a $10 administration fee to cover the extra freight cost for stock required for late orders.

Unfortunately we are no longer the Back to School supplier for Belmont State School or Villanova but we would be happy to pack your list for you . Just email a scanned copy of your list or drop in a list and we will have it ready in January with plenty of time to start school